"A Session with Jennifer is like a spa day for your mind"

I was very skeptical about the idea of “therapy” until I met Jennifer. Jennifer has not only changed my opinions about what a therapist does and why people go to therapy, but she’s also changed my life for the better. Spending time talking with Jennifer is truly like taking a spa day for your mind. I always walk away feeling calm and clear about what it is I need to do, and how I can apply the ideas we discussed to my life. If you’re on the fence about trying therapy for the first time, there’s no person I’d recommend higher than Jennifer. She will immediately put you at ease with her radiant joy for listening, and will help you clarify whatever it is you need to process. 

A.C., New York, NY

"The best way to describe Jennifer is supportive, nurturing, and truly empowering"

The best way to describe Jennifer is supportive, nurturing, and truly empowering. Jennifer helped me understand the choices I've made and process my past so I could be more in control of my emotions and have agency over my decisions I currently make now. Not only have I felt a difference since I began therapy with Jennifer but my partner and family has commented on the difference they see. I will be forever grateful to Jennifer for being a big part of my journey.

Z.K., New York, NY

" Jennifer has helped me tremendously, I no longer doubt myself, I have confidence to go for it"

Sessions with Jennifer have changed my life. I look at life so differently.  I am able to put things in perspective and not stress over the "small" things which I would constantly get caught up in. 


J.R., New York, NY